Wood pyrolysis boiler — build it yourself!

I got the idea of building a wood gasification boiler after my neighbor bought such a boiler. The boiler worked well, had a long burn time on single wood load and automatically maintained the set temperature. However, I didn’t like the wood gasification system of my neighbor’s boiler, as it wasn’t efficient. As I designed my own wood gasification boiler, I used a system that was more advanced at the time, replacing the grate with a nozzle burner. The boiler was a success, with low emission of pollutants, a long burning time and a good design. I showed the boiler to my friends and they expressed a keen interest in it. I began to receive orders to produce these boilers. Then I suggested that those who had the welding skills could make them themselves. It costs two or three times more to buy this boiler than to make it yourself. My first pyrolysis boiler was of 50 kW capacity and suitable for a home of approximately 500 square meters. Ordinary citizens of our country have homes in the range of 100-300 square meters, so I needed to make boilers of various sizes to meet the demand. Those were the 10, 20 and 30 kW boilers. The process of designing boilers is in itself interesting, so when it was suggested that I make more powerful boilers, I happily set to work and designed 60 and 100 kW boilers. One day I received a letter from Canada from a man who had seen pictures of my boilers on a forum and asked for help in constructing one. Because the Canadian corresponded in English, I needed to find someone to translate. Now I have designs for 30 and 60 kW in English. I am planning to have the instructions for the 10, 20 and 100 kW boilers translated into English, too. At present my designs are being used to build boilers not only in my homeland, but also in Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova, Syria, the USA, Canada and Cyprus. I am glad that ever since I started producing them in 2007, I have received only positive feedback about my design. I am happy that many people with metal-working skills have been able to construct their own wood gasification boilers with my help. You can also visit my forum (in Russian ), and find there a lot of interesting and useful information how the whole process was going on. You can also register on the forum, ask me a question in English and get a complete answer also in English. You will see feedback from my customers and a lot of pictures of boilers, they made themselves, and you ‘ll probably decide to build a boiler for your home. . All is very real, and success depends on you Best regards, Alexey

For those of you who are considering whether or not you want to have a pyrolysis boiler in your home, I can say that in my opinion, it’s a no-brainer. This boiler is highly useful in the present circumstances. It is easy to use, reliable and economical. Moreover, if you build it yourself, it will not be expensive. If you, the entrepreneur, have the necessary ability and want to set up the production of such boilers, I would be happy to help you.

The material for the manufacture of the 30 kW boiler:
Sheet steel, 4 mm thick, 3,5 m long and 1.5 m wide
Sheet steel, 5 mm thick, 3,5 m long and 1.5 m wide
Metal-sheet stainless steel thickness of 4mm, length 6m, width 5 cm
Steel pipes, wall thickness 4 mm, length 8 m
Pipe profile 25x25x3 mm 16 meters
Prut round 20mm, length 2 meters
Prut round 12mm, length 4 meters
5 packs of electrodes to 3 kg
Brick, fireclay, 9 pcs

Order drawings of the boiler